I C T Skills Education Development Strategy: A Platform for Peace-Building in Nigeria.

By: Shehu Malami SarkinTudu.

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Tags: ICT Peace building conflict economic development.


Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Skills for economic development in Nigeria at present is small and underdeveloped, although it presents plenty of opportunities in modern world today. However, one of the key areas commanding attentions of Nigerian government in its transformation agenda is education. The building of ICT skills for economic development strategy that would transform peace building task is necessary and importance. Even though, Nigeria as one of the countries that recognized the importance of ICT in advancing economic development that would improve the quality of life of its citizen. Despite this recognition, Nigeria faces many challenges in developing the necessary ICT for economic development infrastructure. This paper examines ICTs Skills as an economic development strategy a platform for transforming peace building agenda. It also reviews the nexus between ICT Skills for economic development and various agencies, programs and policies efforts for economic development. It finally concluded that, no peace-building could be successful in Nigeria without including viable, efficient and effective ICT Skills for economic development programs.

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Date Uploaded: 01/26/2023

Tags: ICT, Peace building, conflict, economic development.

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