By: Ghazali Bello Abubakar, Ph.D.

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Tags: Arabization US-MENA Israel Scouring for recognition Arab League Middle East and the world


The 21st century Arab world has no doubt, been characterized by calamitous misadventures, challenges and harsh realities. In the Arab world, so many ups and downs, which opened up Pandora’s Box of different woes and tragedies are seen. The subsequent perplexity and circumstantial situation, as far as the Arab common people are concerned, is the US-‘Middle East Plan’ proposal. From national mischievous attitudes to regional mistrust and internationally cross borders conspiracies, as political movement, Pan-Arabism falls a victim of unconscious stupor. This study aims at examining the causes of prolonging intra-Arabism crises and abyss of individualism between amongst Arab nations, which perhaps force many of them struggle; groping for allies in the outside world. The study concludes that the recent normalization of relations between Israel and some individual Arab states on the account of diplomatic, defence and strategic importance will mean a lot for West-Arab connections. Simultaneously, the Israel-Arab-US pyramid closeness must have a direct impact and implication on Pan-Arabism; a mirage that has no chance of being achieved yet. However, Saudi Arabia (the Kingdom that maintains the status of motherhood), too tons down its rhetoric, considering normalizing ties with the State of Israel.

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Date Uploaded: 03/02/2023

Tags: Arabization, US-MENA, Israel, Scouring for recognition, Arab League, Middle East and the world

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