Librarians’ perception of disaster preparedness as precursor for effective preservation and conservation of library resources in Nigerian university libraries

By: Promise I. Ilo, Christopher Nkiko, Roland Izuagbe & Ibrahim M. Furfuri

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Tags: Librarians Perception Disaster preparedness Digital preservation Print resources Preservation and conservation Library resources


The study examined librarians’ perception of disaster preparedness and its effect on effective preservation and conservation of library resources, focusing on university libraries in the Southwest geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The survey research design was adopted. The university libraries that provided the data and institutional setting for the study were randomized using the ballot system after which total enumeration technique was employed to take complete census of the population. The population comprised 327 librarians and library officers drawn across federal and state university libraries in the region. The questionnaire and interview methods were used for data collection. Results affirmed, as postulated, that preservation and conservation of information resources would be more effective if disaster preparedness measures are incorporated into the process. As a result, both approaches were found to be complementary. It was also discovered that the core digital preservation strategies are not being practiced in university libraries in the studied region. Consequently, it was recommended that efforts aimed at all forms of preservation strategies should be employed to ensure the longevity and sustainability of all information resources.

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Date Uploaded: 01/28/2023

Tags: Librarians Perception, Disaster preparedness, Digital preservation, Print resources, Preservation and conservation Library resources

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