Social Media as a Tool for Peace and Conflict Resolution in Nigeria

By: Ibrahim, M. M. Furfuri (Ph.D), Chukwudum Maureen Jegbefume.

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Tags: Social media Peace Conflict Resolution.


The study examines social media as a tool for peace and conflict resolution. Some of the social media tools used for peace building are; Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, YouTube among others. The concept of peace, conflict and conflict resolution were highlighted. The use of social media in conflict resolution was discussed. The benefit of social media as well as its challenges such as deficit technical skills, low bandwidth and inadequate internet access etc was also discussed extensively in the paper. The paper concludes that social media has the capacity to impact positively in conflict areas hence, it is important to empower people and communities that are most affected with social media so that they can bring positive change and the way forward is that different stakeholders, NGOs and government parastatals should be trained on how to effectively and efficiently use social media to resolve and manage conflicts.

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Date Uploaded: 01/28/2023

Tags: Social media, Peace, Conflict Resolution.

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