Review On the Role of DNA Microarrays in Cancer Therapy

By: Mustapha G1*., Nafi’u A1., J. Ukomadu2, Hizbullah M. U1., Fatima I. J1., H. M. Maiturare1

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Tags: DNA microarrays Review cancer therapy Bioinformatics.


Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary science that provides an incorporated understanding of several sciences to explain a particular problem based on existing biological data. DNA microarrays have the potential to assess the expression of thousands of genes simultaneously and used in the identification of new targets and discovery of new drugs for cancer therapy. It offers the capability to develop personalized therapeutic treatments by supporting clinical decision and improve understanding of the molecular basis of cancer as well as provide massive source of data on gene expression. During the past 20 years, DNA microarray technology has been developed and combined as a mundane tool in research laboratories and is now transitioning to the clinic. Studies show that DNA microarrays are widely used for diagnosing of immunosuppression cholesterol biosynthesis which was discovered as a target of radio sensitization Through DNA microarrays. This review aimed at determining the role of DNA microarray in cancer therapy.

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Date Uploaded: 01/26/2023

Tags: DNA microarrays, Review, cancer therapy, Bioinformatics.

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