The Occurrence of Waterborne Diseases in Drinking Water in Nakaloke Sub-County, Mbale District, Uganda

By: Abdulkadir Nafi’u1 , Anandapandian. K. T. K

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Tags: Waterborne diseases diarrhea gastroenteritis dysentery and water quality


Nakaloke Sub County is located in Bungokho in Mbale District eastern Uganda and has a length of 13.8kilometres. Its geographical coordinates are 1o 9’ 0” North, 30o 9 0” East. The climate is topographic with bimodal type of rainfall mainly during March to June and September to November with an average rainfall of 1500mm per annum.

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Date Uploaded: 01/26/2023

Tags: Waterborne diseases, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, dysentery, and water quality

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