Traditional Islamic Education in Asia and Africa: A Comparative Study of Malaysia’s Pondok, Indonesia’s Pesantren and Nigeria’s Traditional Madrasah

By: Saheed Ahmad Rufai

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Tags: Malaysia’s Pondoks Indonesia’s Pesantrens Traditional Madrasah Education in Nigeria Comparative Study of Islamic Educational Systems


Abstract: The Muslim world has witnessed the emergence of several Islamic-based institutes and universities in the last three decades, in keeping with some of the recommendations of World Conferences on Muslim Education. Such a development has greatly improved the quality of higher Islamic education especially with regards to the contribution to Islamic scholarship of some of the graduates of such Islamic institutes and universities. However, the traditional system of Islamic education at the pre-university level has not been greatly influenced by such a development. There has not been a comprehensive study of the system as operated in various contemporary Muslim settings, with a view to assessing the degree of its efficacy.

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Date Uploaded: 10/20/2022

Tags: Malaysia’s Pondoks, Indonesia’s Pesantrens, Traditional Madrasah Education in Nigeria, Comparative, Study of Islamic Educational Systems

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